Welcome to Fancy Brandwork!

Fancy is more than a service, it's also a community of creatives & entrepreneurs! From (free) courses on graphic design to dedicated brand building, let's take the steps to bring your ideas to life.

Hi, my name is Ely!

You can call me Elle 😉 Like fancy footwork on a dance floor, "Fancy Brandwork" is all about making a great first impression. I'm here to teach you the moves, so keep scrolling if you're ready to make your brand stand out! More about me.

I provide graphic design services, tailored to you!

Level 1: Logo Design

A custom logo to do as you wish! Includes black & white copies and full resolution files (no watermarks!)

Level 2: Brand I.D.

A strong brand identity starts with simple guidelines. Let's reduce the work of building your image and focus on getting your message out!

Level 3: Social Setup

I set up templates for the social media networks of your choice and teach you how to create consistently branded posts with minimal editing.

Level 4: Website Template

A pretty website setup that you can fill in on your own time. I deliver the logo, brand colors, and fonts, then you take it from there! (I'm here to help, so you'll never be completely solo.)

Level 5: Launch Camp

A 30-day intensive, where we go from logo to site launch. This is a great option if you're tired of waiting and ready to bring your business to life.
Not for the faint of heart!

Level 6: All of It.

The full branding experience - from brand colors to media kit. This includes one-on-one webinars where I teach you/your team how to put our creations into action.

Details, please!

The design process can be challenging, but it shouldn't be hard.

There are a million logo generators and design programs out there, not to mention Fiverr - so why should you work with me?

Good branding speaks to people, and you deserve a designer that speaks to you. I'm not here to make pretty images and send you on your way. I'm here to listen to your concerns, help you voice your goals, and ultimately teach you how to build the platform your brilliant ideas deserve.


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What my clients have to say:

I accidentally landed on the Level 3 Social Setup and I couldn't be happier! At first, I meant to only request a logo, but once I had that, I wanted to learn more. Elle walked me through every step of selecting colors and fonts, then taught me how to create posts for different social media and continues to assist me on a regular basis.

Happy clients are the best clients!

I strive to deliver a brand image that my clients will be happy with for years to come, and I always want to be the person you come back to with your next evolution or new idea. If you're not ready to dive into a project yet, why don't you...